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Norene Soares, RN

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Norene Soares, RN, director of quality and risk management in the ambulatory surgery division of the Hospital Corporation of America, is excited to return to OR Excellence after learning firsthand what made the conference different than any other she'd experienced. Make plans now to meet Ms. Soares and other top surgical leaders in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Oct. 11-13.

Why she decided to come back. My company lets me do one continuing education program a year and I chose OR Excellence because it has such a variety of different subjects. In my role, that's much more valuable than zeroing in on just one topic. Plus, I love the conference. The content is impactful and the speakers are informative and entertaining. They're good at keeping it light when appropriate and they've also brought me to tears. The Ridley Barron story has really stayed with me. (Editor's note: At ORX 2016, Mr. Barron spoke about the tragic car accident that killed his wife and eventually led to the medication error that took the life of his 17-month old son.) I still wear my "Every Second Counts" wristband that I received at the talk. It's been a good reminder throughout the year at work and even in the car. Don't look at that phone. It can wait.

"My company lets me do one continuing education program a year and I chose OR Excellence because it has such a variety of different subjects."

Why ORX is her conference of choice. My role is likely different than most other attendees. I'm an RN, but work for a corporate entity that has one of the largest ambulatory surgery divisions in the country. I oversee 10 centers. I'm not in charge of the facilities, but I am their resource person. I'm responsible for quality, risk management, patient safety, infection control and anything pertaining to regulatory issues. That's why I like the variety of educational opportunities at OR Excellence. I can learn in many different areas and share the insights with my facilities. This year, I'm looking forward to the pre-conference workshop about how to become a better leader as well as the general sessions about how to boost patient satisfaction scores and ways to improve infection prevention practices.

On the conference's take-home lessons. Last year's talk about protecting your facility against an active intruder was incredibly meaningful. Some of my physicians balk at needing to conduct lockdown drills, because they think that type of situations can't happen in outpatient facilities. After last year's show, I could say to them, Well, yes it can. They were taken aback by the story, and we're now running the drills. The talk empowered me during my conversations with the docs. Those real-life lessons are truly impactful.

On the fun to be had in Vegas. Last year, I ran into my old OR manager from 2 decades ago. That was really neat. She attends the conference every year, so I'm looking forward to seeing her again. A couple of my coworkers from across the country also went, so we were able to connect. Walking around the exhibit hall at night was great. I enjoyed seeing the new innovations and shared some of the discoveries with my centers. I'm also looking forward to seeing the Red Rock Resort. Everything I've heard about the place is that it's just beautiful. I'm not a big casino person, but there are apparently plenty of hiking and outdoor activities to enjoy.

You are going to LOVE this meeting!

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