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Pauline Blake, RN, BSN, an operating room nurse at Kaiser Permanente South Baltimore County Medical Center in Maryland, is heading back to OR Excellence for the third time. Register today to meet Ms. Blake and other top surgical leaders in Fort Lauderdale at the Harbor Beach Marriott & Spa Oct. 3-5.

Pauline Blake
Pauline Blake, RN, BSN, and Samad Mahboubi

Why she chose OR Excellence. I love all the sessions and the subjects the speakers talk about. The presenters are informative and entertaining — and never boring. I always learn about something that makes me think, I can take this back to my facility and share it with my colleagues.

It's the people who matter most. There are plenty of opportunities to network with other surgical leaders, to learn about new and interesting things. It's neat to mix with leaders from different facilities and hear about what's going on in their hospitals and ASCs. It's also nice to meet people from other Kaiser locations across the country who I normally don't get to see. I appreciate the chance to network with my own "family."

She's really looking forward to these talks. I'm interested in the "You’re Not a Born Leader" workshop. I've always been encouraged to take on a leadership role in my hospital, but I think having a mentor would help me — and others — be better leaders. I'm also looking forward to the first presentation of the conference about how to deal with distracted doctors and staff. I've seen an increase in cell phone usage in the operating room and feel it's becoming the new normal. Cell phone policies should be enforced so we can get back to what should be a basic principle: putting patients first.

What you need to know about OR Excellence. It's a great place to share ideas with other perioperative personnel in a laid-back and friendly atmosphere. You don't sit around all day and feel like falling asleep as presenters drone on about boring topics. You can speak up, get involved and meet really interesting people. It's one of the more informative and relaxing conferences that I've attended.

On visiting South Florida. My best friend is a PACU nurse at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale. After the conference, we plan on heading to Miami Beach, which is 45 minutes away. I can't wait! She recommends that you find time to go on a Jungle Queen boat tour along the intercoastal waterway. The trip includes a close-up look at super yachts and mansions along Millionaire's Row and a visit to New Island for all you can eat barbeque.

You are going to LOVE this meeting!

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