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Tanya Deans, RN, unit team leader at Kemptville District Hospital in Kemptville, Ontario, will be attending OR Excellence for the first time to learn about what it takes to run a successful hospital outpatient surgical department. Register today to meet Ms. Deans and other surgical leaders in Fort Lauderdale at the Harbor Beach Marriott & Spa Oct. 3-5.

Why she's heading to OR Excellence. We're a small community hospital where most of our surgeries are done on an outpatient basis. The only procedures we do inpatient are primary total hip and knee replacements, and I know those are transitioning to day surgery. Outpatient Surgery Magazine is a great resource for me to learn about what's going on in ambulatory surgery and apply the advice to developing the program here. I'm looking forward to receiving the same type of advice from experts at the conference.

Tanya Deans

Her goals at the conference. It's going to be great to network with other surgical leaders who are in the same boat I am, and there are a ton of speakers I want to see. My boss — Cathy Burke, RN, the hospital's vice president of clinical services — is coming, too. She's really excited. Together we're focusing on learning about enhancing our surgical program and adding more procedures. It's also always good to walk through exhibit halls at conferences to get a sense of the latest products and services. It's easy to forget to look beyond your walls for solutions that are affordable and that can help you and your team be more productive.

On being a new manager. I have a ton of experience in the OR, but not as much in overseeing the many areas I’m now in charge of, including the sterile processing department, pre-op and PACU, as well as all of the hospital's clinics. There's definitely a learning curve for me with regard to the various standards and rapidly changing requirements of instrument sterilization. It can be overwhelming. I'm also learning how to lead my staff and their various personalities. That's been challenging because I'm managing the people I used to work with. They know me as Tanya the OR nurse, and now I'm their boss.

Fun in Florida. I've passed through Fort Lauderdale before, but don't know that much about the area. We're not flying out until Saturday morning, so we'll have some free time to explore the town. I'm sure we’ll also find neat places to check out in the evenings after happy hour in the exhibit hall.

You are going to LOVE this meeting!

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