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Marcelle Thibeault, RN, clinical director, and Mychele Sabourin, RN, clinical manager at Montfort Hospital in Ottawa, Canada, are coming to OR Excellence to learn about the latest trends in outpatient surgery in order to keep their facility on the cutting edge of care. Register today to meet Ms. Thibeault and Ms. Sabourin and other surgical leaders in Fort Lauderdale at the Harbor Beach Marriott & Spa Oct. 3-5.

The top minds in surgery. In Canada, we're always 5 years behind the latest trends in the United States. It's valuable to learn about what's going on down there and apply the lessons to what we're doing up here to advance patient care. We need to plan for the future by knowing which specialties offer growth potential. It's insightful to network with surgical professionals in the U.S. to get a sense of where outpatient surgery is headed and where those growth opportunities are.

Marcelle Thibeault, RN and Marcelle Thibeault, RN
Marcelle Thibeault, RN (left), and Mychele Sabourin, RN

Arriving with a plan. Our hospital is looking to grow its orthopedic program with a focus on total joints. Canada is moving in the direction of bundled care, so we’re interested in learning about the case-costing aspect of joint cases — that’s why we’ll attend the total joints workshop. The OR has its own unique culture, so it’s important to understand how to improve teamwork in a high-stress work environment. We’re also always interested to see if there are ways to revolutionize the perioperative process. We think the conference will be a great opportunity to learn about best practices in financial management and patient care, how to motivate staff and how to identify ways to lower case costs.

A friendly feel. OR Excellence has such a positive vibe and the faces are familiar. There are also so many new things to learn about each year and there is a lot of openness and sharing. Everyone — the presenters and attendees — are very willing to discuss not only what they do, but how they do it. There are plenty of opportunities to network with other attendees and walk around the exhibit hall to talk with vendors, who are not pushy about selling their products. It's a really nice and productive atmosphere.

A perfect balance. The daily schedule is full, but not so packed that you need a vacation from the conference. We'll have time to huddle at the end of each day to discuss what we learned and the information that we want to present to our staff when we return home. It's also not like some other meetings where you find only a handful of useful talks and feel like you've wasted a lot of money to attend.

Bringing the sunscreen and sandals. We're going to find fun things to do in the evening. Hitting the beach is a must and we'll search for interesting places to shop. It's also always relaxing to attend a conference at a resort with a spa!

You are going to LOVE this meeting!

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