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Recorded Webinars

1000 Year Flood in Nashville, TN 03/01/23 Register Now
Anesthetic Related Malignant Hyperthermia in the Operating Room  05/04/23 Register Now
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) In the PeriOperative Setting
10/13/23 Register Now
Culturally Congruent Care for Muslim Populations within the Perioperative Setting
04/25/23 Register Now
Development of a Perioperative Simulation Program 05/05/23 Register Now
Earthquake Preparedness: The Day the Floor Moved 03/01/23 Register Now
Performing and Communicating a Thorough Risk Assessment for Pressure Injury Prevention 01/06/23 Register Now
Perioperative Efficiency: Patient Safety, Workflow, and Quality 04/06/23 Register Now
Preparing for Emergency: Disaster Impacts on Surgical Services 05/06/23 Register Now
Reflections: AORN History of Diversity 02/10/23 Register Now
Scott Triggers® Solution 01/06/23 Register Now
Skin Deep: Competency Keys for Perioperative Pressure Injury Prevention 01/06/23 Register Now
Wildfire Evacuation: Lessons Learned in a Perioperative Setting 03/01/23 Register Now

Webinars based on the AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice

These webinars reflect the newest edition of the AORN Guideline. The year at the end of the title is the print edition in which the Guideline is or will be published. Please note they may have a different online release date.

Autologous Tissue: Guideline Update 2020 11/13/22 Register Now
Complementary Care: Guideline Update 2022  05/17/23  Register Now
Design and Maintenance of the Surgical Suite Part 2: Maintenance 2019 10/11/22 Register Now
Electrosurgery: Guideline Update 2021 06/10/23 Register Now
Environmental Cleaning: Guideline Update 2020 12/10/22 Register Now
Evidence for Documenting Patient Care: Guideline Update 2017 06/28/23 Register Now
Flexible Endoscopes: Guideline Update 2023 08/29/23 Register Now
Guideline for Design and Maintenance of the Surgical Suite 2019 08/23/23 Register Now
Guideline for Hand Hygiene: Guideline Update 2022 06/09/23 Register Now
Guideline for Medical Device and Product Evaluation: Guideline update 2022
06/14/23  Register Now 
Guideline for Safe Patient Handling and Movement 2019 09/11/23 Register Now
Guideline on Team Communication 2018 11/15/22 Register Now
Guideline Update: High-Level Disinfection 2018 01/24/23 Register Now
Instrument Care and Cleaning: Guideline Update 2021 10/01/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Laser 2021 06/03/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Local-only Anesthesia 2021 10/06/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Medication Safety Critical Updates and Status Quo 2018 08/03/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Moderate Sedation/Analgesia 2022 05/27/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Preoperative Patient Skin Antisepsis 2021 03/18/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Prevention of Patient Hypothermia 2020 05/08/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism 2018 09/06/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Radiation Safety 2021 01/06/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Safe Environment of Care 2019 10/30/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Sharps Safety 2020 10/01/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Specimen Management 2021 11/12/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Sterilization 2019 09/26/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Sterilization Packaging 2019
09/24/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Surgical Attire 2020 04/25/23 Register Now
Guideline Update: Transmission-Based Precautions 2019 12/05/23 Register Now
MIS: Implementing Advanced Technology into Practice 2017 12/14/22 Register Now
Patient Information Management: Guideline Update 2022 3/8/23  Register Now 
Pneumatic Tourniquets: Guideline Update 2021 04/09/23 Register Now
Positioning the Perioperative Patient-Guideline Update 05/10/23 Register Now
Preventing Perioperative Pressure Injury-A New Guideline 05/17/23 Register Now
Questions about Surgical Attire? 2020 06/06/23 Register Now
Retained Surgical Items: Guideline Update 2021 12/07/22  Register Now
Revisions to the AORN Evidence Model 2020 01/09/23 Register Now
Robotics Program Webinar 01/31/23 Register Now
Surgical Smoke Safety: Guideline Update 2021 09/28/23 Register Now
Sterile Technique Guideline: Little Things Make a Big Difference 2019 11/13/23 Register Now