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Be Prepared for an Active Shooter
Response training increases the chance of survival during attacks.
JP Guilbault
Publish Date: July 12, 2022   |  Tags:   Staff Safety Patient Safety Staff Training and Education
Tulsa Shooting
REAL THREAT Four innocent lives were lost during last month’s mass shooting on the campus of the Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa, Okla.   |   Tulsa Police Department

The news cycle is filled with troubling reports of gun violence. Recently, in the span of just three weeks, mass shootings occurred at a supermarket in Buffalo, an elementary school in Uvalde and an orthopedic clinic in Tulsa. Innocent people food shopping, children attending classes and healthcare workers serving their communities have become vulnerable targets for determined shooters. Unfortunately, you can’t ignore the danger your staff faces in the midst of the nation’s gun violence epidemic.

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