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OR Excellence Awards – Employee Safety: Safety and Satisfaction Go Hand in Hand
By investing heavily in the well-being of its staff, Knoxville Orthopaedic Surgery Center is improving the care of its patients.
Jared Bilski | Managing Editor
Publish Date: September 13, 2022   |  Tags:   OR Excellence Staff Safety
RISE UP A receptionist tries out one of the standing desks Knoxville Orthopaedic Surgery Center added as part of an initiative to create an ergonomically correct workspace for its administrative staff.   |   Beth Russell

At the heart of Knoxville (Tenn.) Orthopaedic Surgery Center’s full-circle approach to top-quality patient care is a very simple philosophy: Take care of those who take care of the patients. “I feel like it’s my ultimate responsibility to make sure my staff are safe and happy,” says Beth Russell, MSN, RN, CASC, the facility’s executive director. “But honestly, you can’t have one of those attributes without the other. Safety and happiness go hand in hand.”

It’s this big-picture commitment to the well-being of its staff that ultimately led to Knoxville Orthopaedic Surgery Center being chosen as this year’s winner of the OR Excellence Award for Employee Safety. One of the many examples of the facility’s level of commitment to safety is illustrated by recent changes made to the workstations of its business, administration and front office staff members.

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