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OR Excellence Awards – Patient Safety: The Job That Never Ends
At Eye 35 ASC, process improvement is always top of mind for leadership and staff.
Joe Paone | Senior Editor
Publish Date: September 2, 2022   |  Tags:   OR Excellence Patient Safety Ophthalmology
GAME PLAN Surgical team members discuss different forms of glaucoma and stent placement in Eye 35 ASC’s break room before the surgical day starts.   |   All photos provided by Eye 35 ASC

The team at Eye 35 ASC, a fast-paced, high-volume eye surgery center in Schertz, Texas, doesn’t limit their attention to one or two formal patient safety projects every year. Rather, the center’s tight-knit team operates every day with a keen philosophy of continuous, nimble process improvement and standardization when it comes to caring for patients as safely as possible.

“We are consistently investigating and implementing improvements, and gradually tweak things as needed,” says Clinical Director Carson McCafferty, MSN, BSN, RN. “We take a lot of feedback from our staff, and it’s a group process. We’ve learned that patient safety does not occur without effective communication. As a newer facility — we’ve now been open almost five years — we are still trying to improve flow and performance across the board.”

Here are some of the improvements Eye 35 ASC has made to earn this year’s OR Excellence Award for Patient Safety:

Communication. Key staff wear walkie-talkies to communicate without leaving their assigned department and patients, or to alert anesthesia or the surgeon to report to a certain department. Before a patient exits the OR, a nurse makes a single overhead page throughout the facility that alerts the PACU to an incoming patient and identifies any fall risk, notifies a nurse to begin sedating the surgeon’s next patient and informs pre-op to position the next patient scheduled to enter the OR.

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