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High-Tech Instrument Care
Mobile tracking systems, reprocessing upgrades for robotic tools and the emergence of digital technologies are on the horizon.
Hank Balch, CRCST, CER, CIS, CHL
Publish Date: April 18, 2022   |  Tags:   Instrument Reprocessing and Care Robotic Assistance Healthcare IT
Barcode Scanner
NEVER IN DOUBT Barcode-scanning technology allows busy SPD leaders to locate instrumentation during the various stages of the sterilization process.   |   Northwell Health
Top sterile processing departments (SPDs) might not have the ability to dematerialize bioburden with a sci-fi-like laser beam, but the technologies and solutions available to today’s reprocessing techs are becoming smarter, faster and more advanced with each passing day. The impact of these innovations cannot be understated. Cutting-edge technology in SPDs directly impacts the working quality of surgical instrumentation and the life span of the instruments themselves. It also provides desperately needed efficiency for high-volume facilities in the fast-paced world of outpatient surgery.

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