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Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa
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October 11-13, 2017

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OR Excellence 2017

Pamper yourself while soaking up tons of great ideas at OR Excellence 2017, at Nevada's gorgeous Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, October 11-13, 2017.

You'll learn new skills, network with colleagues and get tips on improving outcomes, expanding your caseload, growing more profitable, protecting your employees and assets and more, all in an innovative and interactive learning format.

  1. OR Excellence Day 1 - Oct. 11


    WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11 – 8:30-11:30 a.m.

    These amazing workshops will jump-start your conference with great, actionable content you can take back to your facility. There is no extra charge for these 3-hour workshops, but space is limited, so register early to ensure you get your first choice!

    A. Beyond the Basics: Advanced Level Lessons in Total Joint Success
    Take your outpatient total joints program to the next level. Learn how to enhance outcomes, maximize profits and attract new patients to capitalize on surgery's hottest specialty. Nearly a million patients undergo same-day knee and hip procedures in the United States each year, and by 2030, that number will triple. Whether you're in an ASC or an acute-care facility, this advanced course will show you how to build and grow a successful same-day total joint program from the team at Excelsior Orthopedics in Amherst, N.Y., one of the leading same-day total joint programs in the country. View our Q&A with David Uba here.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Andrew Stoeckl, MD, Excelsior Orthopedics

    OR Excellence 2017

    Nicholas Violante, DO, Excelsior Orthopedics

    OR Excellence 2017

    David Uba, MBA, CEO of Excelsior Orthopedics

    OR Excellence 2017

    Mark Wolbert Director of Business Development, Excelsior Orthopedics

    B. You're Not a Born Leader!
    Most leaders are made, not born. Cultivate transformational leadership abilities in yourself and others so that you can accelerate lasting, meaningful change — and inspire your staff to follow. You'll also learn proven strategies to engage physicians. Workshop presenters are Johns Hopkins Hospital anesthesiologist Chet Wyman, MD, who lectures extensively on affecting change and improving patient care, and Ali Ullah, MBA, Founder and Principal at K2 Healthcare Consulting, Dallas, TX.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Chet Wyman, MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Ali Ullah, MBA, Founder and Principal at K2 Healthcare Consulting, Dallas, TX.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Wolfgang Stehr, MD, MBA, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, Oakland, Calif.

    C. The Three-Hour MBA: Business Insights for Surgery
    Learn how to develop trust-based relationships among your staff, make informed second-level thinking and improve your daily productivity with advice from surgeon-MBA Wolfgang Stehr. As Dr. Stehr advanced through the ranks at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland, Calif., he earned his MBA from the prestigious Haas School at the University of California-Berkeley. He believes his MBA training made him a better leader in the OR and boardroom — here's how.

    11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. | Lunch break on your own

    ORX2017 Course Schedule

    OR Excellence 2017

    Paul Spiegelman, Dallas, Texas

    1 p.m. Patients Come Second
    In your focus on patients — and sometimes financials — healthcare leaders often overlook the true key to lasting patient loyalty and satisfaction: your employees. Paul Spiegelman, an employee engagement expert and co-author of “Patients Come Second: Leading Change by Changing the Way You Lead,” shakes up the traditional healthcare model, arguing that in order to care for and retain patients, leaders must first create exceptional teams and find ways to engage nurses, administrative staff, physicians, supervisors, and even housekeeping staff and switchboard operators. By connecting employees' work with a higher purpose and equipping them with the tools to become leaders themselves, you can dramatically transform patient care. Like any business, in surgery you can't take care of your customers if you don't take care of your employees.

    2 p.m. Giving Disruptive Docs a Second Chance
    Once you had the courage and conviction to confront them, for years the rule for dealing with disorderly physicians was to remove them from the facility, cut them out like a bad habit. But what if you gave these unruly doctors a chance to rehabilitate themselves, salvage them instead of tossing them on the scrap heap? Psychiatrist Kent Neff, MD, FAPA, a noted lecturer and workshop leader throughout North America, is an expert on managing disruptive behavior. Can you successfully rehabilitate disruptive clinicians? Dr. Neff explains how to influence physician behavior, establish respectful workplaces and manage change.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Betsy W. Williams, PhD, MPH, Professional Renewal Center, Lawrence, Kans.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Michael Williams, PhD, Professional Renewal Center, Lawrence, Kans.

    3 p.m. | BREAK

    OR Excellence 2017

    Kenneth P. Rothfield, MD, MBA, CPE, CPPS, Saint Vincent's Healthcare, Jacksonville, Fla.

    3:15 p.m. Truth or Consequences: Open Disclosure vs. Deny and Defend
    Can you avoid litigation and reputation damage through transparency and open disclosure? Progressive organizations are using an open disclosure program to resolve instances of unexpected medical outcomes, a sea change compared to the traditional culture of deny and defend. Here's how and why to implement this philosophy in your center.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Ann Geier, MS, RN, CNOR, CASC, Chief Nursing Officer, ASC Advisory Services

    4:15 p.m. Staffing: How to Get the Most Out of Each Generation
    Millennials tend to be tech-savvy, but aren't great team players. Gen X-ers are entrepreneurial-thinking, but rank low on executive presence. Boomers are team players and loyal, but don't adapt to change so well. If being an effective manager is understanding whom you're managing, some of that knowledge comes down to understanding the generation that identifies your workers. Learn how to use generational savvy to manage your staff more effectively.

    Drink Up

    5:15 | Wine Tasting in the Exhibit Hall
    Treat your taste buds, network with colleagues and see new technology at our annual wine tasting on Wednesday night. This event has been a favorite of ORX attendees for eight years running!

  2. OR Excellence Day 2 - Oct. 12

    Thursday, Oct. 12

    7 a.m. Vendor Roundtable: Navigating the Reimbursement Landscape—Total Joint Replacement in an ASC
    Reimbursement continues to be a top area of interest for an ASC looking to add total joints to their offering. This discussion can help start to answer the commonly encountered questions around reimbursement at the ASC. PLEASE NOTE:This is an exhibitor-sponsored session (no CME credits awarded).

    OR Excellence 2017

    Bill Wilder, Director Outpatient Marketing, DePuy Synthes Companies, Dave Uba, Chief Executive Officer at Excelsior Orthopaedics, Buffalo, NY, Derek Van Amerongen, MD, Vice President and Medical Officer at Humana of Ohio, Christine Maroulis, Franchise Director Healthcare Policy and Reimbursement, DePuy Synthes Companies

    7:30 a.m. – 8 a.m. | Continental Breakfast

    OR Excellence 2017

    Zeev N. Kain, MD, MBA, FAAP, President, American College of Perioperative Medicine, Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine, University of California School of Medicine, Irvine, Calif.

    8 a.m. From Volume to Value: The Future of Facility Reimbursement
    Are you ready for the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care, where surgical facilities will have a huge financial stake in what happens to patients during the entire episode of care — from the time surgery is scheduled until 90 days after discharge? As insurers look to pay for health outcomes rather than simply service volume, you'll be living in a world governed by bundled payments, gain sharing and the perioperative surgical home model. The new payment paradigm will have a host of regulatory, operational and clinical implications on your patients and your facility. Find out how to navigate the red tape, improve patient care and maximize revenues.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Barbara J. Holder, RN, BSN, LHRM, CAPA, QI Coordinator, Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center, Gulf Breeze, Fla.

    9 a.m. 25 Ways to Improve Your Patient Satisfaction Scores
    Whether you work in an ambulatory surgery center or a hospital, Medicare reimbursements and your facility's reputation are based on what patients think about the care they received and how they rate you on satisfaction surveys. Learn about the gestures, both big and small, that ensure patients leave happy and satisfied — and spread the word about your high-end service. The key to scoring well in patient satisfaction surveys is to improve and sustain the quality of the care you deliver in such areas as pain control, PONV, painless IV starts, surgical site infection rates and follow-up phone calls.

    10 a.m. | Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall

    OR Excellence 2017

    Gregory V. Hickman, MD, Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center, Gulf Breeze, Fla.

    10:45 a.m. Is Your Anesthesia Team Delighting Your Surgeons and Patients?
    The medical director/anesthesia director of the famed Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center will show you how an anesthesia team can enhance the service experience and increase case volume at your hospital or ambulatory surgical center. Dr. Hickman will focus on the innovative regional anesthesia techniques that will let your facility host more extensive cases and strategically position your facility for success by pleasing surgeons and patients alike.

    11:45 p.m. | Lunch and OR Excellence Awards

    12:45 p.m. | Dessert, Shopping in Exhibit Hall


    OR Excellence 2017

    John C. Liu, MD, USC Spine Center at Keck Medicine of USC, Los Angeles, Calif.

    A. Outpatient Spine Is the Next Big Thing: Here's How to Be Prepared
    Spine surgery is well on its way to becoming the next big outpatient specialty. Lumbar discectomies, decompressions and anterior cervical discectomies, and fusions are just the beginning. Aging but active Baby Boomers tend to be perfect candidates, and as patients take on more responsibility for costs, ASCs and HOPDs can be well positioned to offer high-value alternatives to traditional inpatient procedures. The key? Making sure you attract the right patients, offer the right procedures and have a well-equipped, well-staffed facility. Surgeon John C. Liu, MD, will explain how to safely control post-op pain, how to mitigate complications and how to overcome common misconceptions.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Bassam Kadry, MD, MS, Stanford Anesthesia, Stanford, Calif.

    B. Yes, You Can Do Accurate Case Costing
    How much are you really spending on each case and how does it compare it to the revenues that you're earning? Anesthesiologist Bassam Kadry, MD, MS, the director of perioperative analytics at the Stanford University School of Medicine, will explore the relationship between operating room block allocations and cost, which is especially relevant to measuring staffing costs. Dr. Kadry will also discuss the challenges of measuring costs and what can be done to help improve the process. You'll leave armed with strategies to obtain a reliable assessment of surgical costs. View our Q&A with Bassam Kadry here.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Sandy Berreth RN, BS, MS, CASC, Sansum Clinic Foothills Surgical Center, Santa Barbara, Calif.

    C. Guess Who's Coming and Staying for Lunch? Survey Readiness
    Think you're ready for an accreditation survey? It's natural to be on edge about a surveyor walking in, but there are several key factors that can help you prepare for and succeed during your next survey. Knowledge is power, and having the knowledge of the standards and how to develop a survey readiness team will help make your next survey less daunting. It also helps to be prepared with the answers to the questions your surveyors are likely to ask.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Rodrigo Garcia, APN, MSN, CRNA, MBA, Chesterton, Ind.

    3:30 p.m. Catch Me If You Can: A CRNA’s Story of Addiction and Recovery
    In 2007, while working as an anesthesia provider and exposed to some of the world's most potent medications, Rodrigo Garcia began diverting drugs. He soon became addicted and started taking extreme measures to obtain the medications he craved. He will discuss how he was able to divert drugs and avoid detection, and what it was like to work within a healthcare setting while dependent on prescription drugs — what he calls "the irresistible and irrational pull to continue an addiction." He will share the interventions that are successful and those that fail, the future of addiction, and some thoughts on hope and affirmation. He'll walk you through his experience of chemical dependency that nearly took his life, the steps he took to overcome it and his newfound passion to help others mired in the insanity of the addiction. Today, Mr. Garcia is a chief anesthetist and the director and co-founder of a highly specialized treatment program that meets the needs of high functioning and highly accountable professional afflicted with substance use disorder.

    4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. | ORX Power Hour and Cocktail Party in the Exhibit Hall

    OR Excellence Power Hour

    Introducing the new
    Get ready for unbelievable excitement all day Thursday when you visit the exhibit hall! Stop by our awesome vendors and get scanned to increase your chances to win amazing prizes worth thousands of dollars. There will also be random instawins and other exciting events during all the Thursday exhibit hall hours, so get some great shopping done for your facility and you just might turn out to be the big winner! Attendees must be present in the exhibit hall to win.

  3. OR Excellence Day 3 - Oct. 13

    Friday, Oct. 13

    7 a.m. Vendor Roundtable: How to Achieve More Efficient Outpatient Joint Care
    Who should attend? Hospital and ASC leaders interested in establishing and/or optimizing outpatient joint replacement programs.

    Please join us as we discuss the elements of an efficient outpatient joint program. We'll talk about the technologies and services needed to support it, how to get qualified patients home quicker, and how to achieve consistent communication and engagement with the patient through the pre-op and post-op aspects of care. You will learn about the comprehensive Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions Outpatient Program including products, software platforms and technologies, and consulting services from expert teams that will optimize your outpatient joint program.
    PLEASE NOTE:This is an exhibitor-sponsored session (no CME credits awarded).

    OR Excellence 2017

    7:30 a.m. – 8 a.m. | Continental Breakfast

    OR Excellence 2017

    Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN, Seattle, Wash.

    8 a.m. The Dauntless Nurse Manager
    Afraid to speak your mind and stick up for your patients? Intimidated to question a surgeon in the OR? You won't be after this communication confidence-building session. Acclaimed author and speaker Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN, dares you to be bold, intrepid and courageous when it comes to advocating for your patients. You'll learn to proactively address and eliminate the trivial and unnecessary frustrations that distract and undermine your confidence. You'll learn how to professionally respond to a multitude of human gestures: how to join a new group, communicate professionally, and become a master in constructively handling conflict and confrontation. View our Q&A with Kathleen Bartholomew here.

    The first 50 registrants will receive a signed copy of Ms. Bartholomew's book!*

    *Winners must attend ORX to receive their books, which will be available at the registration desk. Single-day attendees are not eligible.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC, FAPIC, Infection Control Consulting Services, Delray Beach, Fla.

    9 a.m. Infection Prevention Patrol: Keeping Law and Order in Your Perioperative Setting
    Responsibility for infection prevention has fallen into the hands of different members of the surgical team and keeping on top of changes made to standards, regulations and expectations is often daunting. Join Phenelle Segal as she “travels” with you down the path of compliance and shares her more recent onsite findings, often using humor with pictures and stories.

    10 a.m. | BREAK

    OR Excellence 2017

    Kerry Riek, PE, BSN, ECRI Institute, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

    10:15 a.m. New and Emerging Technologies in Surgery
    Get a sneak peek at exciting new surgical technologies from a healthcare technology consultant at ECRI Institute, the nation's leading medical product testing lab, including: compact deep ultraviolet-C LEDs that comes in strips and are flexible enough that they can be arranged to disinfect out-of-the-way surfaces, an OR table that interfaces with surgical robots to more quickly reposition patients and an imaging technique called indocyanine green that helps endoscopists visualize malignant tissue that is undetectable under conventional white light.

    OR Excellence 2017

    Bobbie Staten, RN, BSN, MPH, CSP, Raleigh, N.C.

    11:15 a.m. Batteries Not Included
    You'll leave ORX laughing and thinking after this hilarious and heartwarming presentation from nurse and down-home humorist Bobbie Staten, RN, BSN, MPH, CSP. Designed to give you the jump start you've been missing, Bobbie will show you how to let go of stress and choose what you allow in your circle of influence. Beneath the laughter, Bobbie's message is simple: When you have your health, family and priorities balanced, life just seems to fall into place. When it doesn't — laugh!

    12:15 p.m. | ADJOURN


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